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30 Days to a Leaner & Fitter Body... in Just 8 Minutes a Day!
You'll get weekly emails with the precise steps you need to burn fat, lose weight, and develop a healthy habit with 8 minutes of fitness training each day (you can do at home).
Our Next Live Challenge Starts on Monday, May. 9, 2018.
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We challenge you to track your keto diet for 30 days and jump start your weight loss by spending just 8 minutes a day focused on breaking a sweat.
How The Challenge Works.
The KetoVIP 30 Day Fitness Challenge is simple but powerful
  • You'll receive an email every Sunday during the Challenge showing you what you need to do each day during the week.
  • The Challenge consists of tracking your keto diet goals every day plus 4 Core Exercises put together in a way that challenges your body while helping you develop the discipline to get active every single day (the habits you'll form are critical).
  • The Challenge takes around 8 minutes to complete each day. With that small of a time investment there's
    NO REASON you can't do this (no matter how busy you are).
  • All you need is 5x5 feet of space. No fancy equipment needed. You can do this workout virtually anywhere at any time. 
  • You'll be invited inside our KetoVIP Facebook group that will help motivate you daily, keep you focused, and push you to stay on track to getting fit.
Imagine what your life would be like if you were in control of your health & eating habits and you weren't embarrassed about your body.
In the next 30 days you'll be pushed to develop healthy habits. At the end of 30 days you'll have a daily keto routine and finally be on the right path to losing weight weight and getting fit. The KetoVIP 30 Day Fitness Challenge will give you the foundation and habits to make it happen.
In 30 Days You Could Leaner & Fitter
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